The Truth about Alcohol

If you choose to consume alcohol, this is what you should know:

Alcohol is toxic and highly calorific.  Your body will prioritise the metabolism of alcohol to rid itself of the toxin. It will then metabolise the food that you have eaten. But, the body may not need the calories as there were plenty in the alcohol. So, the food will be processed into fat.

A bottle of dry wine (3 large glasses) has the same calories as a cheese burger and chips […]



We at The Real Stuff, do not believe in labelling diets, such as: “Low Fat” or “High Fat Low Carbohydrate “. In fact, we don’t even believe in calling what one should consume, a diet, as this has the negative connotation of restriction and deprivation. Instead, we believe in seeking out and consuming only nutrient-dense foods. Starting with sufficiently high-quality protein and then adding some leafy and colourful vegetables, some healthy fats and some healthy high fibre carbohydrates. Depending […]