We at The Real Stuff, do not believe in labelling diets, such as: “Low Fat” or “High Fat Low Carbohydrate “.  In fact, we don’t even believe in calling what one should consume, a diet, as this has the negative connotation of restriction and deprivation. Instead, we believe in seeking out and consuming only nutrient-dense foods.  Starting with sufficiently high-quality protein and then adding some leafy and colourful vegetables, some healthy fats and some healthy high fibre carbohydrates. Depending on one’s starting point, one’s goals, one’s activity levels and whether one is insulin resistant or insulin sensitive, the amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates should be varied for optimum results –  but always with the proviso that the foods are nutrient dense as opposed to foods that constitute “empty” calories and those that are toxic. We also believe that it is unlikely that the foods of today have the required amount of nutrients for optimum results.  For this reason and for the convenience that goes along with today’s lifestyle, we believe in a sensible supplementation programme, particularly including highly bio-available amino acids and vitamins. More about this in the coming weeks…………


Together with a target orientated exercise regimen, we believe that one should pay attention to Sleep, Stress, Sunshine and Social activities. Although not always easy, sufficient sleep, not stressing too much, getting out into nature and having meaningful social relationships are important to health and happiness. More about this in the coming weeks………………


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