8XXL Clean Muscle Gainer – 5kg


8XXL Clean Muscle Gainer – 5kg


  • Clean muscle gainer
  • Packing on solid mass
  • Gaining serious size & strength
  • Recovery & energy replacement

8XXL means MASSIVE! means SIZE! It’s a scientific fact that people underestimate their nutrient intake when dieting, but also overestimate their actual food consumption when trying to gain muscle and size. In other words, they eat less than they think and they need for steady and significant gain.

Everybody seeks the magic bullet while ignoring the fact that nothing is more powerful than the consistent consumption of proper amount of total calories, energizing carbs and muscle building protein. Many athletes don’t invest time and energy in the proven method of keeping a food log. The only practical solution left for most is to rely on the daily use of 8XXL that guarantees enough calories in your system to excel.