• Extends your workout
  • Muscle recovery & performance
  • Endurance training
  • Muscle building

Intra 6 is formulated to maximize training & recovery and to promote optimal muscle building while you train. Intra 6 has precise active ingredients and each main ingredient is known to be able to add functionality to your workouts and to turn on your muscle-building machine.

Intra 6 is a sugar-free way to help anyone grind through a grueling gym session. Intra 6 contains a 11:1:1 BCAA ratio that is Leucine loaded together with Super Hydration Matrix, Betain, Mental Focus Matrix, 620mg of Electrolytes, Vitamin B3 & B6, HMB, Carnitine, Citruline and 10g of total amino acids to make you feel the difference in each workout. Athletes like Rugby players, fighters, elite fitness athletes, bodybuilders, and weight training enthusiasts of varying types all can benefit from Intra 6 during their workouts or during the day in order to train with higher performance, recover and build more muscles at a higher speed.