Sports and Fitness Supplements

Sports and Fitness Supplements

Many people ask: “why take a sports and fitness supplement”.  The short answer is because it works.  It helps you to achieve your goals. The slightly longer answer is that even a so called “healthy balanced diet” is likely to lack the specific nutrients required to optimize your performance.  With modern farming methods focused on mass production, it is unlikely that the foods you eat contain the nutrients you need for optimum sporting performance.  Many will also contain harmful chemicals and hormones. Many studies have shown supermarket foods to be deficient in nutrients.


Shopping for and preparing good healthy food takes effort and is time consuming.  Often people opt for quick alternatives such as pre-prepared supermarket meals, takeaways or packaged food.  Most of these foods contain a lot of sugar, bad fats and preservatives.  A much better option is to always have a healthy whey protein-based shake to replace breakfast or lunch or to have as an in-between meal snack instead of opting for unhealthy alternatives.


The technology exists to conveniently and cost-effectively overcome todays lifestyle challenges  Eat a diet with the optimum amount of protein with plenty of healthy non-starchy vegetables, some high fibre carbohydrates and some healthy fats.  Depending on your starting point and your goals, vary the percentages of proteins, carbohydrates and fats and add a sensible sports and fitness supplementation regimen.


It is widely recognized that Creatine supplements help to build, maintain and repair muscles and enhance sporting performance.  If you are at all serious about competing in sports or want to get more results from your workouts, Creatine is the one essential supplement that you should consider taking. Like all supplements, it is not a substitute for a good diet, but even good diets lack the nutrients that foods used to contain.


A good quality whey protein is the foundation of a good sports and fitness supplement program.  It is convenient and cost effective and ensures that you get the right amount of protein at the right time without the added fat that comes from meat, poultry or eggs.  It is excellent for building and maintaining lean muscle mass.


An intra- and post-workout amino acid containing drink with or without an energy stimulant such as green tea, is excellent for endurance and recovery.  To achieve sporting success, a fast recovery period is essential.


A good quality multivitamin and some omega 3 supplements may help to keep you healthy whilst training hard to achieve your goals.


Remember always to work hard to become a better version of yourself.  Treat your body with respect. “Be Number One”


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