The Truth about Alcohol

The Truth about Alcohol

If you choose to consume alcohol, this is what you should know:

Alcohol is toxic and highly calorific.  Your body will prioritise the metabolism of alcohol to rid itself of the toxin. It will then metabolise the food that you have eaten. But, the body may not need the calories as there were plenty in the alcohol. So, the food will be processed into fat.

A bottle of dry wine (3 large glasses) has the same calories as a cheese burger and chips – about 600 calories.  So, be aware of the ‘so called’ health benefits of a glass of wine. Besides the toxicity which may lead to liver and other organ damage – a glass of wine per day – all other things being equal – equates to 8 kg of body fat per year!

Beer and spirits mixed with sugary beverages – are even worse!

So, if you choose to drink alcohol, probably best to do it occasionally and in moderation.


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